Joe Satriani Messes With My Emotions

I'm a sucker for electric guitars (lucky for me my fiance plays electric guitar and I'm his number one fan girl). But seriously, the electric guitar can be powerful and dark or it can be calm and romantic. My favorite guitarist to listen to is Joe Satriani, he satisfies my "electric guitar" itch, his music just hits the spot. Satriani has been making music since the 1980's and he is still active today.
I forgot to mention, 99% of his music is instrumental but he has sang in some songs (he rarely sings, he mostly plays). His first album "Not of This Earth" contains a few of my favorite songs by him. "Rubina" is extremely romantic, he wrote it for his wife whose name is Rubina (how cute is that?). This song will immediately turn you into a love bug so be cautious with its use! "Driving at night" is dangerous too, if you put it on at night while you're driving you will find yourself speeding up wanting to be cool haha. Basically, this amazing man has created countless pieces that manipulate your emotions in different ways. His music can hype you up, calm you down, make you sad, make you happy or maybe even angry. Here, let me show you. Listen to these songs in the order that I introduce them and you will see what I'm talking about. "Crowd chant" is perfect for an assembly or a stadium to get people hyped up and ready for a game. Now, listen to "Starry night" and close your eyes. When I listen to this song I like to envision myself on a camping trip laying down and looking at the stars with a campfire under my feet; it's so relaxing. Now, listen to "Thinking of you" . This piece is very romantic. It's great to put on in the background as you think about those that you love and appreciate them. Finally, listen to "The forgotten part 2". This piece is dark, gloomy and one of my favorites. In my mind, the intro is sad but the middle piece is sort of encouraging like it's inspiring you to get up and fight for your loss. You probably think I'm crazy huh? Haha. I told you I was a sucker for electric guitar! Fun fact, did you know Nicki Minaj used one of his songs for one of her hits? In her song, "Right through me" the background music is actually Joe Satriani's "Always with you always with me". All in all, this guy is amazing and you need to give him a try. Join the electric guitar sucker club! We have cookies.


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