Converse Chuck Taylor II

I am a huge fan of Converse, I believe that the Chuck Taylor is the most beautiful shoe in existence. It is beautiful because it is unique, comfortable, durable, and it looks great on anyone! From skater boys to girly girls and from gothic kids to weddings, the Chuck Taylor goes great with seriously any outfit you can think of. I never thought this would happen but the Chuck Taylor has been completely reinvented and it was released July 28, 2015. Nike bought Converse for $305 Million and took a stab at recreating an all time classic. Being a sneaker head myself I just had to get these shoes. Let's take a look at the obvious differences.
Here are the physical differences: The stitches are black, the eyelets are black, the logo is white and blue and the black stripe is gone. From far away they basically look like a knock-off of the real Chuck Taylor. Nonetheless, the shoe is beautiful. Now, here are some differences in the composition: The canvas is thicker, like, way thicker. This means the shoe is more durable. The inside of the shoe has suede padding for more comfort. The rubber sole is thicker to add more durability. My favorite addition to the shoe is the Lunarlon Sockliner which provides an arch for cushioned support. I love my classic chucks but the flat sole makes it painful to walk all day. Oh yeah, the original costs $54 and the 2.0 costs $80. Not gonna lie, I prefer the original because well... it's the original (plus it's cheaper). No reinvention will ever be able to cover up the tracks of history the original chuck has created, but converse never fails to provide a good quality shoe. The cool part is that you can still buy the original so it's not like they completely got rid of it. All in all, it's a beautiful shoe and I am sure I will love them as much as my four year old chucks. Converse for the win.



  1. I like the original better too. They're both so cute though, I feel like I can wear Converse with anything, whether I'm wearing a skater dress or jeans and a t-shirt!


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