Women Oppress Themselves

Alright, I am pretty angry right now so this piece is going to be blunt and I know it's going to cut deep for some of you. Unfortunately for you I don't believe in political correctness, and fortunately for me I'm not afraid of disapproval. Quite the opposite, I thrive off of disapproval. So, let my offensive opinion carry on. We live in a society that demands that women be sexy 24/7 or else they are deemed as useless. Haven't you noticed how we as a society find it normal for a man to be old and on television, but not for an old woman? Take a look at these TV hosts. NEWS ANCHORMEN
Oh yeah and don't forget about how there are some women who are literally props to hold things. These prop girls are there for one reason, to look "pretty" and bring in more views. Sex sells, haven't you heard?
We don't know any of their names, we don't know their ages, we don't know if they're mothers or if they're battling depression because all that matters is that they're "pretty", right? This societal ideal makes me want to vomit. Now, this is in no way an article about how men have it better or how women are oppressed by society because guess what, women oppress themselves. Women who act provocative to gain attention further strengthen the ideal that a woman is good for nothing except sexual arousal. Media doesn't degrade women, women degrade themselves in media. You know those unnecessarily sexual commercials of bikini models eating a burger? No one held those women to gun point and forced them to do that, they took the money and willingly took their clothes off for national TV for men, women and children to see.
The most degrading thing I have ever heard of is a beauty pageant. Keyword, "heard". I never watch Miss Universe because it's really sad to watch these women come from all around the world to parade in front of the world and be ranked as the prettiest. Don't you want to be a mayor, a math teacher, a chemist or something that contributes to society other than lowering young girls' self esteem?
Girls often complain about how guys only go for pretty girls yet they spend over half an hour putting on their costume for the day. Do you know why people expect you to wear makeup and wear dresses? because you set that standard for yourself by partaking in those activities. If you go to school everyday with makeup people will expect that from you since it is what you do daily, and that's why people ask if you're "feeling okay" if you're not wearing makeup because you have set that standard for yourself. And you know what's funny? Men are very accepting towards no make-up yet it is women who insist that they have ugly under eye circles and that their friend could use a little mascara. I have never had a man tell me to put on makeup, only women have bothered me about wearing makeup and "dressing up". So, we also strengthen this ideal by pressuring other women to conform to that ideal.
I hear people often talk about how magazines strengthen gender stereotypes such as: women like makeup, women want flat abs, women want to attract men. But guess what, women are buying these magazines. The reason all these stupid things (magazines, commercials, advertisements) are successful is because women are buying it (literally and mentally). We as women accept these ideals, conform to them and pressure other women to conform to them as well. So how do we destroy these ideals? DO NOT CONFORM. We as women strengthen this ideal, but we can also destroy it! Children learn what a woman is by how we present ourselves, so present yourself with intelligence, humility, self control and hard work. There is more to a woman than her appearance. Now, I am not saying that we should all dress in paper bags and smear mud on our face. Excellent hygiene is all that is needed. Brush your teeth, wash your hair, wash your face and body, wear clean clothes and always have a respectful attitude. If you want to dab on mascara and eyeliner go ahead, just make sure that your face and body are not the only things you can offer to the world. Offer your intelligence, give your ideas, give your time and bring your dreams to life through hard work. Be a team player, listen to others and be a respectful leader. Stand up, don't conform and amaze your peers with your astounding abilities. Don't be another pretty face, we have enough of those.


  1. You are such a good writer Penny. I know there are people who don't, but I totally agree with everything you said in this article. <3

  2. I love how you are straight to the point :) and I must admit that this has got to be one of my favourite posts I have come across on the internet to date. I couldn't agree more!

  3. You are so bold and you do not hesitate for one minute to share your feelings; I truly admire that and I am inspired by it. I could not agree more with E V E R Y T H I N G you said! God has blessed all of us girls with someone as witty, truthful and intelligent as you. You are a great role model for all girls; continue to speak your mind that God has given you. You also balance out humility and represent Jesus' love so well. I am so glad I read this right now because on Monday I go back to the University that I attend and I am enrolled in very liberal classes. I am in a social work program and boooooooooy is it crazy what people say. In the past, I have been very insecure and I am still working through so many of my insecurities so my first thought in my mind is to often doubt myself. With that being said, when my classmates all agree on something and I disagree, my first thought may be "I am the crazy one". But that really is not true and I know that God is showing me that I have support of other Christian women like you out here and that I am not alone. We must continue to be the light of the world and we must not be afraid to say what God has placed on our hearts. AH! so happy I found you... okay I am done with this extremely long rant. Thank you for being you<3 I look forward to your future posts. From one sister in Christ to the other, I will always keep you in my prayers.

    -Justine, from New York

    1. Thank you so much :') NEVER be afraid of what people think, ESPECIALLY when they're the ones who are wrong. You must always speak the truth because the truth can never be changed and it can never be proven wrong. :)

  4. Er mer grd! I like you more. Didnt know these things about you. Well i am really glad you write these things... Helps out to remember when sometimes you fall into holes, like the one im in now. Wow, idk why i have the feeling to open myself to you even thou you dont even know who i am. But i feel you would totally get me, like a sister, cuz i think that i get you. AnywAys, again, you are awesome and

  5. Girl, you've got a lot of common sense that most women my age don't have. (I'm 44!) Big hugs to your mama for raising you right.
    I shared this post to my FB. :)



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