Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

The first game station in our home was a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), but I was seven years old when my father bought me my very own nintendo gamecube. I still have my gamecube and it still works, but I use my wii to play my gamecube games now. Anywho, one of the very first games I ever played was, "Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc" made in 2003.
This game is hands down one of the best games I have ever played, but it's also one of the most underrated. Everyone knows Rayman from the new, "Raving Rabbids" games on the wii and I can honestly say I am disappointed. Rayman 3 holds the true spirit of who Rayman is and his abilities. The plot of this game is that there is an evil hoodlum who is turning the good red lums into evil hoodlums (a lum is a small fairy like creature).
When the hoodlums gather together in large numbers they can shape shift into huntsmen and powerful monsters. Andre, the leader hoodlum, heads for the heart of the world at the fairy council, while there our friend Globox (raymans friend) accidentally collides with Andre and the hoodlum becomes stuck in his stomach. Andre threatens to eat the insides of Globox so you have to take him to the doctor's. From this point, the game is about traveling to different places to find the right doctor for Globox to remove Andre, but you have to figure out puzzles, mechanisms and defeat monsters in every area. Once Andre is removed an even bigger problem occurs, but I'll let you figure that out when you play the game.
The plot is great, the graphics are decent, the areas are fun and the boss fights are awesome. There are no side quests, the plot is very straight forward. There is no talking to people or any dungeons, it's mostly about clearing every area and figuring how to get out and defeat the monsters. The game is humorous, fun and it has a lot of twists. My game got scratched and I almost cried, but I got the disc resurfaced so it works great now. Why am I still typing? I'm gonna go play now, peaceee.


  1. Looks fun! My mom never let me have any kind of game system, I feel like I missed an important part of childhood XD

  2. Cool, my first game was Dark Allies and my dad taught me to play. At first I sucked but as the years went I got good. The best part was spending time with my dad


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