I'm A 20 Year Old Virgin

We have reached a point in time where people expect you to not be a virgin after the age of 16, I mean, literally everyone I knew in high school wasn't a virgin (at lease that's what they would say). Call me an ignorant old fashioned 18th century nun but I believe in abstinence until marriage, lucky for me, so does my fiance. There are a lot of benefits to not being sexually active. 1. No Pregnancy, duh. Every time you have sex you raise your chance of being pregnant no matter how much "protection" you use. Only abstinence can give you a 100% guarantee of no pregnancy. I can't imagine how torturing it must be to be constantly afraid that you might be pregnant. My life and mind are chill, I have no worries. 2. No attachment. I remember how so many girls would cry in the bathroom because of their breakup and they would almost always say, "He was my first". It's been proven that sex is more than physical, it is deeply spiritual. The first person you have sex with will be your most memorable sexual encounter, every different person after that will cheapen the intimacy of sex. Personally, If I am going to become attached to someone I want to become attached to Martin (my fiance) because we will be together for the rest of our lives. I know a lot of people think, "You're engaged, just do it". Call us dreamers but Martin and I are strong believers in the beauty and spiritual importance of the first time and we want to keep that beautiful moment waiting for our honeymoon after our marriage. In case you are curious, Martin and I are both christians and we are both virgins.
It's funny to see people's reactions when they find out that I don't take birth control pills (which is yet another expectation for young girls in America). They call me irresponsible and tell me, "You can't predict the future". Some people even go to the extent of insulting my mother and calling her irresponsible as well. While it is true that I can't predict the future, I have control over my actions now which helps form my future. As for my mother, she is more responsible than any other mother I have ever met. All her life she read scripture to me and instilled in me very old fashioned morals which I am thankful for. I know many modern folk disapprove, but I will always be a strong supporter of "old fashioned" morals.
I have no friends and I am not trying to be funny. I literally have no friends. The only people I consistently socialize with are my family and my fiance. I am not anti-social, I am actually very social and I love to converse with people, but I just can't understand people anymore. Like the picture above states, people have completely lost sight of what a relationship is for. A relationship allows you to get to know someone to see if they make a fit spouse, yet another one of my old beliefs. All relationships either end up in marriage 'til death or in heart break (break ups and divorce) so don't waste your time if you don't see yourselves together in marriage.
I don't even know what this post is about anymore, I guess at this point I am just rambling on about my opinions on sex and marriage. I guess I will end it with this. I am a christian and the bible creates the foundation for my beliefs and what I stand for. I am proud of who I am and I will not change just because people don't approve of me. I do what I believe is the right thing to do, I don't do what I think will make me happy. He who delays gratification will truly reap reward. I am a virgin and I am waiting until my honeymoon to have sex with my fiance Martin because I believe it is the right thing to do, simple as that. I will do what I believe is right.


  1. I started following you because of your hair and loved ur videos but after readim ur blogs I feel I love u more because the more I read the more I feel there's something in you that so like me... p.s. im 26 and im still a virgin and do not care about wat the world has say... im proud to be a christian and Jesus as the foundation of my life . Loads of love:)

  2. I love you even more, Penny! Good for you. My husband and I waited until our honeymoon to have sex and it was the best thing we ever did. We had our first kiss after we said I do and it was so special. I'm sure people not from our church thought we were crazy but we don't care. It makes that first time truly special. We knew each other for awhile, we steady dated for a year, were engaged for 3.5 months and got married on the anniversary of our becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. We've been married for 12 years and we're still on our honeymoon. You and Martin will not regret it at all. The BEST thing we ever did.

  3. I am so proud of you sister! Continue to be a good example tp other young women, may God bless you baby sister!<3

  4. It's incredible that you're using your platform to inspire and encourage young girls morals. It's powerful. God bless you.

  5. You have a great mindset and foundation. It's sad to say that not a lot of people think this way anymore. It goes for both men and women. They feel that they should "explore" and base their relationship off of pleasure, but that's not what a pure and happy relationship is. A relationship is when you get to know the other person. There's also no need to date so many people from the opposite sex. Honestly, you can tell a lot about how someone will treat you in a relationship just by the way they treat you as a friend. That is why friendships are amazing. They let you know about the other person without any commitments. Penny, I completely agree with you. You have a beautiful mindset. But, that's because you believe in God. And, that is the best commitment anyone can commit to. I am starting to read the Bible as well and you discover that as human beings, we are demanded to live a strict and pure life like Jesus. Best wishes girl!

  6. The ideals and beliefs u mentioned about were the base of our previous generations,our society was much better before,with this fast pace era we are loosing our morals and values.You are strong and keep this strength alive within u.Thankyou for being an example ..<3 <3


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