The Don't Judge Me Challenge Is Hypocritical

Someone asked me the other day on my instagram to do the, "Don't judge me challenge". You can call me Patrick Star because I live under a rock, I have no idea what the fads are now a days. So, I googled what the girl suggested that I'd do and honestly all I can do is shake my darn head. For those of you who are uninformed about this challenge, basically a person masquerades their face to portray what is socially defined as "ugly" and then they cover the camera to reveal their "true" self, which happens to be the social definition of "attractive".
According to this Huffington Post the challenge was started to promote self love and acceptance. Now, I understand the intention of this challenge was meant for good, but let me tell you this, it's effect is counterproductive. Intention and effect are not positive correlations, they don't go hand in hand. For instance, If I am juggling rocks and one rock accidentally hits a person on the head I can't fix the problem by saying, "Sorry, that wasn't my intention!". The person is still hurt with a wound on their head, no matter what my intention was it does not change the fact that my action had a negative consequence. Now, what exactly is hypocritical about this challenge? It makes a mockery of traits that are considered unattractive by societal definitions. These people often draw a unibrow, thin mustache, specks on the face (which usually represent acne/freckles), they black out their teeth and put on glasses.
So, this challenge is trying to promote self love by making a mockery of "ugly" traits? The intended message is, "Don't judge me at a first glance" but the actual message that I receive is, "Look I'm ugly, wait for it, just kidding I'm hot!" The entire thing contradicts itself. While the challenge is trying to promote self acceptance it further strengthens the stereotypes of what is considered ugly. Guess what, I wear glasses. Does that make me ugly? I have a friend with severe acne, so that makes them ugly? My fiance has small moles all over his face, does that make him ugly? I honestly don't understand how this challenge is promoting self acceptance. From all the ones that I've seen everyone is just trying to be seductive by making their eyes heavy and biting their lip. It's more of a, "Who's hottest" contest. I know a lot of people will say, "They're not mocking ugly features, it's just for fun". The people themselves in the video will act disgusted at themselves. They show disapproval of their own appearance through the way they look at their reflection by laughing at themselves while pretending to be seductive. They will look sad, depressed or shocked at their appearance. They're laughing at themselves while trying to be seductive because it is a popular notion in our society that an "ugly" person looks ridiculous while trying to be sexy.
I know this is such a small problem compared to other problems in the world. I know these people are trying to have fun. I know that this challenge has good intentions. I am not going to deny any of this. But, you cannot be blind to the fact that this challenge promotes the disapproval of certain physical traits and the approval of others. I am not asking the world to be loving of all traits because that's impossible, socialization is a potent process that ingrains ideas into our heads. All I am asking is for you to take a deeper look. We have a problem in this society where everyone takes everything at face value. Evaluate, ask yourself questions, what is really being taught to you through all these images you see everyday? The more you ask yourself, the more you will see what is truly behind the veil.


  1. No comments? Really? Well, I think you are dead on. Thanks for always speaking your mind, and making the rest of us think about how we see things

  2. No comments? Really? Well, I think you are dead on. Thanks for always speaking your mind, and making the rest of us think about how we see things

  3. Woah I didn't even know this had happened. What a stereotypical challenge. How in the world was this suppose to promote self love? If they are putting making on themselves to not look like themselves (so it ain't promoting self love to themselves) then who? Others who aren't as "socially appealing"? well no cause you just making fun of them.


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