The Changeling

One of my all time favorite movies is, "The Changeling". This movie was directed by Clint Eastwood and it was released in 2008, it's not new but boy oh boy it will suck you in. The story takes place in 1928 and it's about a single mother and her son. One day, she has to go to work and leave her son home alone but when she comes back her son is missing. Christine, the mother, calls the police immediately. The police investigate the case and a few weeks later they bring a boy to her, but the problem is that the boy they bring to her is not her son. Christine persistently tells the police that they brought her the wrong boy but the police insist that she is wrong and hysterical. The police threaten Christine and tell her to not make the police department look bad and they take drastic measures to make her stop asking for her real son. As time goes by they find out that the boy is indeed an impostor, the police have not found her real son. While the police investigate her case they are investigating another case of a canadian living in America illegally. The illegal canadian has a young assistant who is caught by the police and is held to be deported. The assistant boy is holding a heavy dark secret about the canadian man he works for and he tells one of the policemen. With this information everything starts to connect and an even bigger problem arises.
This film is extremely suspenseful and it takes many unexpected turns, it is a very serious film and you need to pay attention to the details to catch up with the investigations. The cursing is minimal and there is no nudity, but the content later on in the film will make you cringe in disturbance (which is something that I personally love about the movie). You can watch the trailer here and you can read a little more about it as well. All in all, I highly recommend this film. If you want to take a break from all the crappy movies coming out (*cough* sharknado *cough*) this film will restore your faith in movies to come.


  1. i love that movie, it one of my favorites too!:)

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  3. Omg I absolutely LOVE these types of movies :D

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  5. Just becuz of you i'm going to watch this the way thank you sooooo much for the curly hair advise! Myself and both of my sons have long curly hair that was frizzy and hard to manage until i found you on youtube! thank you thank you thank you...we also have some of the same opinions and views as you.. I thought we were the only ones who think this way :) love ya


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