Origin Of Symmetry By Muse

When it comes to music I am picky. There are certain vibes that I like to receive from my music that not every basic song can give off. I guess I am a little emo in the sense that I like my music with a dark feel, I just find the minor scale so beautiful. The other day I was looking through old albums of Muse because I used to listen to them a lot as a teen, and I recently discovered their second album ever called, "Origin Of Symmetry".
If I could describe this album in one word I wouldn't have one because this album leaves me speechless. With every song that adds on top of the other the album gets better and better. This album is so "Muse", in my opinion this is their absolute best work out of all their music. The energy in, "Newborn" is truly astounding and it blows you away. The beautiful darkness in the song, "Microcuts" will probably make you cry. And "Citizen Erased" is hands down the best song on the album, there is so much variety and musical genius behind it. I personally hate when songs just repeat a line and then repeat the chorus, hence, every song on the radio right now. Although this album was made in 2001 it was a breath of fresh air for me. It respects the name of music. Music is an art, and this art is continually mutilated everyday with such effortless songs that come out everyday. This album owns up to the beautiful art of music, and it truly deserves to be put under the label of music. What I like the most is that the lead singer, Matthew Bellamy, writes the majority of the songs for all their music. You gotta appreciate an actual artist that writes their own lyrics.
If you hear the band name Muse and you think of the song, "Madness", please, I beg you to listen to this album. "Madness" doesn't even touch the tip of the deep iceberg that is the beauty of Muse.


  1. Aww, as a die hard Muse fan this post makes me so happy! You should listen to all their albums, it will leave you speechless as well :D

  2. Do you have any favorite latin artists/band?


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