My Fashion Inspiration: JusReign

Let me put this bluntly, I suck at dressing myself. I have never been able to pin point my fashion preference. For a long time I just wore t-shirts and skinny jeans. It wasn't until this year that I have finally found my spirit animal for fashion, JusReign. JusReign is my all time number one favorite YouTuber. He is absolutely hilarious and he dresses amazingly professional.
Clothing has a lot of power and it can be used in bold ways to express yourself. Personally, when I wear clothing I want to be seen as respectable, decent, and modest. If I could, I would wear a tuxedo everyday, but 1. I'm broke. 2. The weather isn't always suitable for a tuxedo. In the past I was always frustrated with clothing because I could never put together a nice outfit everyday. I see people at school who have great outfits everyday and I truly admire that in a person. It has taken me a really long time to finally find out the type of clothing that makes me comfortable and JusReign's fashion choice embodies everything I want to express about myself through my own clothing.
What I like most about JusReign is that he can dress professional without going for a boring boxy tux, he adds a beautiful modern touch to each of his pieces. These are his key pieces that I have noticed 1. button down shirt (buttoned all the way up) 2. skinny/bootcut pants 3. slim fit blazer 4. skinny tie 5. dress shoe or bold shoe. Oh, and his color, pattern and texture coordination is incredible. His turban always pulls the outfit together, it's like the cherry on top.
All in all, JusReign is probably the biggest influence on my fashion choice. The way that he presents himself is truly an art, and I hope that one day I may master it as well as he has.


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