I Don't Look My Age

Being a twenty year old female you would think I look something like this.

But no, I look more like this.

Next fall I'll be in my third year of college. You have no idea how many people have asked me, "Are you a running start student?" In case you didn't know, running start is a program that allows highschoolers to finish highschool and college at the same time so that they can graduate with a highschool diploma and an associates degree. I even get asked by running start students themselves. Yeah, it gets frustrating. Some of you who follow me on instagram may already know that I am currently engaged. Having a face and body of a 15 year old with a ring on my finger makes people believe they have a pass to give me their two cents. "Oh wow, but you're so young!" "Is it because you're religious?" "Is that even legal?" My face is pretty much stuck in this expression 24/7.
I'm gonna be honest though, not looking my age has its pros. If my dad wants a discount somewhere he can tell the people I am anywhere from 15-18 and they'll believe him. But now that I think about it that's pretty much the only pro, that my dad gets to save a few bucks at a hotel for marking me down as a child (16 and under is considered a child when you book hotels, at least from my experiences). I think the fact that I don't wear makeup or fancy clothes makes me look even more like an adolescent. Whenever I go out with my little sister, whom is 16, everyone thinks she's the older one. The big difference is that she dresses sophisticated and wears makeup. But even if she isn't wearing makeup or fancy clothes she still looks older than me because of her hourglass figure and her taller height, she's just hot like that.
"Oh boohoo, you don't look your age, what a tragedy". Haha yeah I know, first world problems. It's gonna be interesting to see how my face and body change as I get older, will I be forever young? That'd be tight. I could be like a superhero or something. Baby Face! To the rescue?... Yeah, never mind.


  1. I've always looked younger than I am too. Used to annoy me, now I love it! I'm 36 and most people think I still look 24 :-)

  2. I'm 14 but look 10 😕 My parents love to save money off it too 😂 So glad you made a blog Penny!

  3. When I started my teaching credential program, I would sub on days when I didn't have class. I subbed in all the grades. I was subbing in a high school class and was sitting at the desk before the bell rang. Students were coming in and looked around and said, "Where's the teacher?" I raised my hand. I could have totally sat in one of their seats and pretended I was a new student! I'm 45 now and people always think I'm younger. It's a good thing as you get older!

  4. I look young and it was pretty much always to my benefit until I had my first child. I was married and 25 but apparently looked like a teenager; I would get dirty looks and rude comments. I would be pushing my daughter in a stroller and people would stop me to tell me I shouldn't have children so young. I had a wedding ring on but people assumed I was an irresponsible young single mom. I can't even imagine what actual teen moms or young moms trying to be good parents go through! People are horrible with their ageism.

  5. I have no idea why, but my relatives this year kept saying, "So, are you graduating from middle school this year? Congratulations!" and I say, "Well, no, I'm gonna be a sophomore next year in high school." Other times though, with people other than relatives, they say "Whoa, I didn't know you were that young!" and "I thought your sister was older than you!" I guess it could sometimes depend with people and whether they know you well or not. Then again, my sister and I both look pretty young to people. But honestly, everyone can be beautiful/handsome looking older or younger than their age. But you know, looking younger does have it's benefits! :) Great post!

  6. I like your blog. I'm a senior in college this year, I'm applying to do my internship in a big company in my city (I'm colombian), and I'm 21. Still, I'm 4'2" and look like a 15 year old. So, my advice? Just play along. It's annoying and sometimes I just want to scream (specially if I'm going to a night club or a bar and they ask for my ID while they just let my brother walk in, he's 16), but most of the time it's not so bad. My friends don't even notice anymore and their jokes are actually funny and not mean at all. They're the ones that matter.
    To everyone else, I'd just say FO. And keep walking. Or tell them the truth and see the surprise on their faces.

    Nice blog, girl. (And I love your hair!)

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  8. Funny. I use to look older, but now, I usually look younger/my age to others. Pero bueno back to you. .. since you're a Christian now, your daddy won't be getting that discount 😉 (no lying). It's a greater blessing 😇.

  9. God bless you Penny. I appreciate what you do. Love you in Jesus Christ.

  10. I, too, have this "Problem". I was told that it's my Native American genes in play. I'm 35 (turning 36 this year) and I look like I'm in my early 20's. My whole life people have always thought I was much younger than I really am. I used to HATE it, now, I LOVE it. Just think, when you turn 40, you'll look like you're in your 20's. :) It's definitely a blessing.


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